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Engineering & Construction - Lead Project Engineer (T & I)  
Job Reference No. 2935
Employer Name Malaysian Recruitment Agency
Job Category Engineering & Construction
Job Title Lead Project Engineer (T & I)
Advertised Date 2019-10-21
Expiry Date 2019-10-31
Commencement Date 2019-11-04
Region Asia
Country Malaysia
Job Engagement Type Contract / Permanent
Brief Company Introduction

A world leader in engineering and drilling activities and in the development of major projects, in the energy and infrastructures sectors, who identify solutions to respond to clients needs, from the concept to decommissioning.

Work Scope
  • Ensure that all the Methods engineering Activities are properly and correctly managed directly or by subordinate staff, in order to guarantee the quality of the product based on job requirements
  • Provide assistance to other functions in order to indicate, agree and implement the most efficient and effective solutions for the Installation/construction activities
  • Organise and participate in design reviews in order to define the best Installation methodology solutions
  • Organise and coordinate the activities of the method engineering group assigned, tasks and workload providing technical and administrative guidance to the subordinate staff in order to ensure aims and objectives are effectively and economically achieved
  • Administer the working programme to ensure its implementation in accordance with plans, design and specifications
  • Be responsible for interpretation, implementation and improvement of the proposed design solutions
  • Initiate and maintain filing system, document review and distribution, through subordinate staff
  • Monitor and coordinate all phases of the work progress and review procedures, reports and calculations of subordinate engineers, ensuring that deliverables, equipment, facilities and services meet specified requirements
  • Ensure technical coordination with Client, including attendance at interface meetings
  • Coordinate with the technical responsible on board of the vessel, in addition to providing backup to the installation team and advising the Vessel management on technical aspects of the job
  • Be additionally responsible for ensuring that all checklists and other installation records are completed in accordance with the procedures and passed to the QC Coordinator for compilation
  • Attend sites and carry out inspections, during onshore preparation, to ensure that all the requirements have been met
  • Participate to the critical offshore tasks to ensure their performance according to methodology and ensure the relevant feedback and lesson learned
  • Participate to the offshore activities with the role of field engineer, when requested both in the yards and offshore during the vessel operation campaign
  • 10-15 years of working experience as a Lead and in project involving offshore transportation and installation of platform structure (jacket, topsides) and rigid pipelines
  • Knowledge of international code of practices for T&I requirements Hands on experience of rigid pipeline laying analysis OFFPIPE is desirable and will be an advantage
  • Capability to perform structure (jacket, modules, manifolds, templates, small items) installation/construction and design all installation Aids, in agreement and liaising with drafting department, lead method and vessel operation. Interpretation of installation engineering results relevant to the activity
  • Capability to install offshore pipelines and subsea items (pipelines, flexibles, umbilical, risers) including specific ancillaries in agreement and liaising with drafting department, lead methods and vessel operations
  • Knowledge of Discipline engineering design criteria, methods and workflows from conceptual phase up to site engineering phase. Capability to define the technical documents set based on Project quantities and scope of work. Capability to perform and coordinate Project engineering documents production activities and to check and review design documents, prepared either internally or by Vendors. Capability to manage all the interdisciplinary reviews needed to define and optimize the concerned engineering system.
  • Knowledge of main international Discipline standards, codes and regulations. Capability to analyse dedicated Project requirements in terms of local standards and codes and to identify proper implementation actions. When required by the role, ability to mange the resolution of Engineering Non Conformity (NCR) at site supporting Construction and / or Fabrication activities effectively interfacing project Team, Client and Vendor.
  • Capability to define the Project general rules and guidelines for Discipline quantities estimation either on Bid Projects or on Projects in execution, according to Corporate design standards, procedures, methods and tools. Capability to control and ensure the correct application of the general rules and guidelines by all team members and all subcontractors involved in quantity definition activities
  • Capability to estimate Discipline Work Orders and Bid Projects engineering man-hours budget based on the Project quantities and scope of work according to Corporate standards, procedures, methods and tools. Capability to estimate Discipline items costs budget based on Project quantities and technical requirements according to Corporate standards, procedures, methods and tools. Capability to monitor the relevant activity progress and the actual man-hours spent vs the earned progress
  • Capability to plan discipline engineering activities and documentation deliverables in order to meet Project schedule milestones considering design workflows and engineering interfaces with all other project disciplines and functions. Capability to manage dynamic changes due to endogenous and exogenous factors. Capability to monitor project activity progress (single/multiple function activities) and to prevent potential issues with appropriate corrective actions. Contribute to Project reporting for the relevant engineering part.
  • Capability to handle subcontracted engineering work packages defining the scope of work, the milestones and documentation deliverables. Capability to control the quality, the costs and the timing of the subcontracted activities ensuring the compliance with project scheduling and goals and with contract requirements Capability to perform technical evaluation of vendor bids with reference to Discipline items, bulk material and subcontracted work packages, according to Corporate standards and procedures
  • Capability to prepare and coordinate the preparation of Discipline technical proposal documents for Bid Projects according to Tender contractual requirements
  • User level knowledge of Corporate and Operating Center Discipline technical design software tools. User level knowledge of Corporate and Operating Center IT tools supporting business processes such as electronic document system management, procurement and office automation applications
  • Knowledge of criteria, standards, main techniques and methodologies for hazards identification during work execution, occupational risk assessment and evaluation . Knowledge of related control measures including the hierarchy of controls. Knowledge of safety cases and safety critical elements (including Management of Change and SIMOPS)
  • Capability to define project scope in order to meet the needs and expectations of the interested parties (especially clients and users.). Ability to be guided and oriented to objectives and task accomplishment, producing the agreed end results, within the time-frame and budget required, and within agreed parameters of Risk, HSE , Quality. Ability to being in the same time focused on welfare and health of the workforce Capability to coordinate and effective communicate with the team, as well as with other involved departments, actors and parties.
  • Knowledge of supply chain process (engineering, purchasing, production and fabrications, assembling, packing, transportation, clearing through customs, preservation and installation). Ability to focus on Project objectives and Purchase Order requirements in terms of performance, quantities and quality characteristics, time schedule and cost (expediting, quality control during manufacturing stages, shipping and customs activities of purchased goods). Ability to planning, coordinating, executing, monitoring and improving post order process for goods.
  • Think through situations from different perspectives and take the appropriate risks and decisions. Be aware and take costs/benefits and organizational implications into consideration.
  • Lead and steer actions with full accountability and tenacity to ensure successful outcomes. Set goals and plan the actions needed to meet short and long term targets.
  • Support the organizations mission with own behaviour and act to promote the organisations goals and reputation.
  • Act in a trustworthy manner. Be consistent with what he/she says, and with personal and organizational values. Act with integrity even though this implies making difficult decisions.
  • Understand market dynamics and trends that affect the business. Be focused on the long term business strategy and consequently set priorities and actions.
  • Be open to change and continuous improvement, and in fact drive these by energizing people to the specific need for modifications to the way things are done.
  • Collaborate with peers or teams of different functions and countries to achieve success collectively. Share useful information and build trust by listening to all stakeholders. Be interested in other individuals perspectives and concerns.
  • Lead the group with credibility towards the achievement of team objectives, making people aware of their responsibilities and ensuring their commitment by engaging and empowering them. Support individual development by mentoring and coaching.
  • Search for opportunities to increase and improve own know-how and competencies. Encourage others to increase their know-how. Curiosity and an orientation for learning are implied.
  • Create opportunities to share knowledge with others. Transfer own know-how and experience. Create a learning environment and contribute to building company know-how.
  • Communicate in a simple, clear and assertive way. Adapt own approach to different audiences to have a positive impact and to gain support for own plans.
  • Collect, understand and share organizational and business information, leveraging digital channels. Be aware of the need to share key information properly to ensure the best response.
  • Bachelors Degree in Engineering from accredited university.
[ Vacancy Closed ]

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